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IPL Cricket fever, T20 Cricket World cup 2024 Cricplus

IPL cricket fever,

BCCI, Board of cricket control in India responsible for cricket related functions in India, BCCI comes has long way to be the top contributor and top most stake holder in ICC, International Cricket council which is a regulatory body for International Cricket.

IPL Cricket fever,

BCCI has not always been in such a strong position, Infact in 1983 when Indian Cricket team won the World cup for time, board not have money for their salaries, accommodation in England at that because they never think that India can won the world, they even not booked hotels for further India’s journey in the world,

But still When India Won World Cup for first time in 1983, some things changed, Cricket become popular in India, and people starts taking Cricket seriously,

Indian govt also took serious note for the revolution of cricket in India, BCCI also evolved them and not rest is history, from not even in a condition to pay salary and accommodation for players, now have the top most contributor in ICC, and richest cricket board in all over the world.

IPL Cricket Fever,

One of the most profitable leagues for BCCI is Indian premiere league i.e IPL, BCCI earns a very handsome amount every year from IPL,

IPL cricket league can be seen everywhere, it is the most successful T20 league in the world, players from all over the world participate in this T20 Cricket league,

You can determine the fever of IPL by seeing that no Cricket board marks any league with other teams during the schedule of IPL,

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